Covid-19 Safety

During this time of concern with the COVID-19 virus, we want to reassure you that we are vigilantly keeping our office safe. While infection control has become an area of focus recently, it is something that we at ToothFillers - superKIDs dentistry have taken very seriously for years.

It has been our practice for some time to go above and beyond standard recommendations regarding infection control. This applies not only to the implementation of safety measures but in the training and education of our team. We continuously monitor the latest guidance from the CDC, American and California Dental Associations and update our practice as needed.

We appreciate your support and understanding for any new safety procedures we have implemented when you visit our office. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call or ask us the next time you are in the office. 

advanced training
Advanced Staff Training
Each member of our team has completed additional awareness and prevention programs to enhance their knowledge and preparedness.
pre-screening of every patient
Pre-Screening of Every Patient
A quick health questionnaire and consent form along with a no-touch temperature check will be completed when you arrive at our office.
hospital-grade hand sanitizing
Hospital-Grade Hand Sanitizing Station
Every patient will be asked to thoroughly disinfect their hands before entering the clinical area of our practice.
social distancing
Social Distancing in Place
Fewer chairs in our reception area, helpful signs and one-way traffic in our treatment area make 6’ spacing a practical reality.
n95 masks
N95 & ASTM Level 3 Masks
The beautiful smiles of our clinical team – dentists, hygienists, and assistants – will be protected behind double-masking at all times.
front desk masks
Front Desk Masks
Even our friendly administrative team will be wearing ASTM Level 3 masks. Don’t worry. They are smiling behind those masks!
cleaning after every appointment
Cleaning After Every Appointment
We are super clean as we thoroughly wipe, sanitize, and disinfect all instruments, equipment and surfaces in each operatory after every patient.
deep cleaning every evening
Deep Cleaning Every Evening
Along with cleaning and sanitizing during the day, we take things to another level at night with a thorough top-to-bottom scrub down.
cdc-approved instrument sterilization
CDC-Approved Instrument Sterilization
This is standard procedure at all times, and nothing has changed. Anything that goes near your mouth is heat and pressure cleaned between every use.
face shields
Face Shields
Two masks are not enough. Our clinical team will also protect you and themselves through the use of FDA Approved PET face shields.
disposable coat hats
Disposable, Protective Coats & Hats
When appropriate, our team will utilize another layer of protection to minimize the spread or absorption of airborne particles.
sequenced patient scheduling
Sequenced Patient Scheduling
Plain and simple, we are not seeing as many patients. We are allocating more time between visits for coming, going and cleaning.
daily health check
Daily Health Checks of Our Team
No contact temperature checks and a quick set of questions will ensure our team is ready, willing and able to provide safe dental care – every day.
no handshake or hugs
No Handshakes or Hugs
We truly do love our patients. However, we will save our hearty welcomes and goodbyes for a later date when things are "back to normal".
no office tours
No Office Tours
We enjoy starting every new patient visit by showing off our amazing practice. These tours will have to wait for your next visit.
no patient gloves
No Patient Gloves Allowed
Minimizing cross-contamination is an important part of our plan. We will ask you to dispose of any outside gloves before you enter.
advanced chairside suction
Advanced Chairside Suction
Whenever possible, we will activate high speed evacuation to minimize aerosol contamination and improve air quality.
anti-macrobial rinses
Anti-Microbial Rinse
In addition to brushing and flossing before your visit, we will provide an Oracare solution to rinse in your mouth for 60 seconds and reduce bacteria.
expanded patient appointments
Expanded Patient Appointments
In an effort to save you time and multiple exposures, we are offering extended appointments. This allows us to do more dentistry in a single visit.